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Top 10 Shows For Preschoolers on Netflix

Photo Courtesy: Meomi, Netflix, GO-N and DreamWorks

Sometimes amidst crazy days, when we stumble upon our kids watching tv, it scares the daylights out of us to see the content out there that is incorrectly labeled as appropriate for kids. So we have a rule. Whenever a new show comes out, we watch it with our kids to gauge the core theme and overall tone of the show. Only then do we let them watch it unattended.

Kids are like sponges. They absorb things left right and center. Media content they consume today will shape them into the individuals they become tomorrow. To that extent, here is a list of shows on Netflix that we have scrubbed for content. Hope your little tot enjoys it as much as ours do! Do you also have a show that you think should be part of this list?

1. Octonauts

2. Super Wings

3. Noddy Toyland Detective

4. Treehouse Detectives

5. Magic School Bus

6. Simon

7. Puffin Rock

8. YooHoo To The Rescue

9. Charlie Colorforms City

10. Vroomiz


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