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Imagine This, Imagine That

Tiny the turtle shows us how children can take basic objects lying around the house and use them to create an imaginary world of their own, where anything and everything is possible. This book opens our eyes as adults to the world of fiction that resides inside a child's actively developing brain. Let our children dream and imagine beyond limits as the world needs, and eagerly awaits their creativity and talent.

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Anchor - Tiny says Thank you
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Tiny says Thank You

Tiny the turtle learns to appreciate the world around him and says Thank You for every big and small blessing. In this book he teaches children to be mindful and thankful for all the things that light up their little worlds. Read more to find out all the exciting things that make Tiny thankful.

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Tiny's Turtle Technique

Tiny the turtle loves to hang out with his friends and eat berries and mushrooms. Marine pollution makes him sad. Sometimes he also gets really mad. But he has a secret strategy to manage his anger. In this book Tiny shares his secret technique to teach children how to handle big emotions.

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