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Are You a Digital Parent?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

So, are you a digital parent? The answer to that lies in whether you use digital media applications and devices in your parenting activities. Most of you I’m guessing will answer yes to that.

Our children have opened their eyes in this post modern digital era and can be called digital natives and what defined our childhood growing up, is not even remotely familiar to the children of today. Hence it is critical that we help them navigate their digital lives and being the first mediator of digital use for our children, we have a hugeee responsibility towards them and toward ourselves to teach them the proper digital etiquette and conduct.

We can monitor them and control their usage all we want but what will eventually last will be the way we help them build healthy digital habits that will serve them a lifetime.

Children learn from example and if we can be good role models for them, they will internalize these habits. The quintessential aspect of digital parenting is to know yourself and teach your kids to establish strong controls within rather than external factors. Knowing what to watch, how much and when is something that should come from you as a user and not something at the discretion of video and game platforms that maneuver and control your web journey. Digital is here to stay. Lets make the most of it! Happy Digital Parenting!

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