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How To Teach Our Kids Screen Time Etiquette

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Kids screen time is an inescapable reality in today’s digital world. Our kids are growing in a world unfamiliar to us decades ago. Hence it is paramount that we educate and train our kids to use the internet and smart devices ‘smartly’ to get the most benefit from them. And to do that, we as parents need to internalize two key things.

I) Always be in control of what is being watched and for how long. Don’t let AI and

algorithms direct your web journey. We fall prey to content suggestions and let the

web suck us in disregarding our initial purpose and intent of logging in.

II) Monitor your smart device usage at the end of the day making sure you know the

amount of time spent on different activities. There is a whole dashboard of tools

available to track time spent on digital devices.

If we can be responsible smart device users, our kids will learn vicariously from us and will learn healthy screen time habits to last a lifetime.


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