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What is your Digital Parenting Style?

There are 4 types of parenting styles in child psychology theory. These are psychological constructs that represent strategies used by parents in child upbringing. In my opinion, these can be extended to digital parenting as well. Hence, digital parenting can be classified into the following categories.

  • Authoritarian or Disciplinarian - Control by the parent through coercion, establishment and exertion of power with punitive measures for rule breaking and defiance. This type of parenting has high expectations intact but involves little feedback and nurturing.

Application to digital parenting : Do you set rigid limits with screen time and heavily control what your children watch?

  • Uninvolved - No response and input provided to the child except basic needs fulfilment.

Application to digital parenting : Do you let your child take control of what they watch

on their electronics? Do you leave your child unattended with the screen?

  • Authoritative: Parent sets rigid boundaries, limits and are consistent with boundary and limit enforcement.

Application to digital parenting : Do you guide and navigate your child’s digital exposure together setting guidelines for screen time, video type, and content?

  • Permissive - Parent allows the child to make free choices, placing less responsibility but more control in the hands of the child. Children are allowed to regulate themselves.

Application to digital parenting : Do you let your children take the reins of their digital exposure and let them decide what to watch?

Remember! You are doing a great job!

No parenting style is good or bad. It’s whatever works for your family and your circumstances. Every child is different with their own unique set of needs and attributes and we as parents are always learning and growing with them to navigate these new digital territories.

I encourage you to ponder over this and answer in the comments below, "What is YOUR digital parenting style?"

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Hey I wanted to ask do you have any instrument that measures these digital parenting styles?

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