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Well, Hello Almost Spring

With spring in the air and the weather starting to warm up, let’s pencil in more outdoor time into our family’s schedules and resolve to be more active this season. Children naturally gravitate towards sensory play. Sensory stimulation is quintessential for children’s brain development. Whether it’s building sand castles at the beach, frolicking in the mud, collecting leaves or splashing in the water, sensory interaction and integration enhances children’s cognitive functioning, motor and spatial coordination as well as social emotional skills. It leads to greater attention spans, better concentration and significantly reduces stress levels. Children are behaviorally more pleasant when they get their outdoor fix every day so it’s a win win for all.

Brainstorming ideas with your littles about the kinds of activities they wish to engage in outside is another great way to spark creative ideas and democratize the learning fun by involving them in deciding what to do. Plus outdoor spring fun is a great way to unplug from our devices and decompress as a family to freshen our minds and bodies.

Let's try to spend more time out enjoying the spring and let's cultivate the habit in our children to do the same for generations to come.

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