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TINY'S COUNTDOWN TO 2021 SERIES - January 1, 2021

BANG, BOOM, BAM! 🎊 Finally the year 2020 is behind us - Tiny and Snippy are ready to put 2020 in rear view and push the gas on their rocket as they rev into 2021.

Let's start with gratitude, positivity and enthusiasm as we zeal into brand new beginnings with a clean slate and a fresh start. Let go of the disappointments from 2020 but hold strong to the lessons it gave us. The year that taught us hard life lessons about compassion and kindness, survival, adaptation, resilience, the power of distant connectivity and hand sanitizer. Together, let's make 2021 the best one yet!

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Nicole S
Nicole S
Aug 15, 2021

Very nice blog youu have here

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