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The timeless importance of schedules for kids

I recently learned the importance of timers and schedules for our little tots. I know. I know. I’m late with the realization but hey better late than never, right? We adults sometimes find solace and comfort in having our day to ourselves with no schedules and just playing things by ear spontaneously instead of hustling and rushing to get things done one after another. Toddler brains work differently. I learned in my child psychology class that most children are creatures of habit and schedule. They feel more oriented when they know exactly how their day will unfold.

Unlike some of us adults, children feel more grounded and focused when they have a clear idea of what’s in store for the day ahead of them. So here’s a little tip - chalk up a plan for the day laid out on a blackboard or whiteboard that they can use for reference. Trust me. It works like a charm.

We love to hear from you. Do schedules work for your household? Let us know in your comments below.

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