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Screen Time Rules

Do you have screen time rules in your house? If so, how diligently do you implement them? Do your kids take these rules seriously or do they wiggle them around, bending and flexing them on the go? These are important questions to consider and ask yourself as a family.

Research has shown that it can be really beneficial to have some ground rules around screen time to enforce a certain level of discipline around device usage in the house.

We at Snuggly Apps have drafted some key questions to ask yourself that can help you set boundaries for your children's digital exposure and consumption,

  • Do you have certain times of the day that children get screen time?

  • Is there a time limit in place that they adhere to?

  • Are they able to define and control the nature and type of content they consume?

  • Do you have screen free zones in the house where devices are not allowed?

  • Do you have your kids completely unplug during family time?

  • Do you practice digital detox in your home - hours of down time where you focus on disconnecting with all things digital?

What are some of your family’s screen time rules. Share with us in comments below.


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