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Parenting Tip of the Day - Day#3 Nurturing Well Adjusted Children

Encourage Autonomy & Responsibility

As your child grows, find ways to encourage their independence and foster a sense of responsibility. Assign age-appropriate chores, allow them to participate in decision making, offering them choices along the way and supporting their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Get them involved in setting the dinner table for instance, help out with laundry and the dishes, take out the trash, compost leftovers and sort the recyclables. These tasks not only teach them self sufficiency, but also the value of teamwork and a sense of community. By giving children the opportunity to take on tasks and responsibilities, you empower them to develop crucial life skills and build self-confidence which helps boost their self-esteem.

It takes a village to raise children. Stay tuned for more parenting tips of the day.

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