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Learning Doesn't Stop Amid Covid 19

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Entertaining a toddler old at home, day in day out, is not the easiest of tasks. Some days are super fun, others not so much. What helps us get through each day and actually look forward to the next is getting the right mix of ‘routine’ activities and ‘new’ things to do each day. Read, practice writing, sing, bake, dance, watch TV but always remember to add an element of "surprise" in each activity, trust me it always works. Be it an audio book some days, a new zumba song, a new learning app or a new ball game. A little bit of creativity on our end goes a long way to stimulate their young minds and brings cheer to their day. So let’s make a promise to not wallow in our own daily struggles and for a few brief moments, acknowledge how hard things are for these little souls who have no clue what is going on around this Covid 19 world right now. Let’s cut each other some slack and hold on to what matters the most in these difficult times - family, love and security.

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