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Khan Academy Kids - The Kids App that has it all

Snuggly Apps review of the kids learning app that has it all - We at Snuggly Apps wish to create a safe digital space for our children with our apps, games, books and story times. While we continuously strive to create family friendly digital content geared to help your child thrive and grow, we are also keen to promote content that motivates and inspires us to do what we do each day. One such app we recommend for every household with children between the ages of 2-8 is the well renowned and coveted Khan Academy Kids. Khan Academy Kids is meaningful, engaging and interactive screen time for your kids that you can count on to teach while recreationally entertaining your child. With games that will tickle your child's imagination, Khan academy Kids app is recreational learning, redefined.

It has the following learning outcomes which is by no means an exhaustive list, but some skills which I as a student of child development theory find critical in early development.

  • Hones their critical thinking skills

  • Builds their comprehension and reading skills

  • Develops reasoning and conjecture

  • Fosters motor development and sensory integration

  • Nurtures and strengthens phonemic awareness and numeracy skills

  • Enriches social emotional skills

  • Stimulates creative development skills

  • instills love for learning, reading, writing & drawing

Khan Academy Kids is 100% free and completely safe from ads with no need for subscriptions. Khan Academy Kids vision resonates with Snuggly Apps as the educators that wish to create a family friendly digital home for your child. We endorse Khan Academy Kids and are eager to retrace their footsteps in curating a fine digital footprint for our children today to make them into the well-rounded problem solving, conscientious and confident leaders of tomorrow.

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