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Every child needs a champion

We certainly need someone to be cheering for us and encouraging us every step of the way - to be creating the confidence we need to become the very best versions of ourselves. Teachers and mentors are truly trail blazers and we cannot thank them enough for playing such an integral role in making us the people we are today.

Teaching and learning should bring joy. Every child deserves to have an adult by their side who believes in them and who will never give up on them. An adult who understands the power of connection and relationship building, who speaks to understand more than to be understood. Educators and teachers touch hearts and they touch lives. They were born to lead change. Let's all take a moment to say Thank you to our champions - those who believed in us through all of it. May our children find their champions at home and/or at school. Thank you for being there for us!

Who is your champion? Share with us in comments below.

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