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7 Tips to Succeed as Digital Parents

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

1. Talk to your children:

Communicate your expectations, concerns and voice them as much and as frequently as possible

2. Educate yourself:

Digital parenting is new to us as parents too which can be challenging too. Educate yourself as a parent, don’t let the learning stop as you co-experience digital with your child.

3. Use parental controls :

set content and time limits for your children suitable for their age. Almost all devices come with guidance control settings that can be maneuvered to befit your family’s needs.

4. Set ground rules:

Rules that are devised to keep everyone in check go a long way in managing the family’s digital habits and maintaining digital discipline in the household.

5. Be a good digital role model yourself:

Practice what you preach goes a long way with just about anything in life. Be a good example for your kids and trust me, they will watch and learn.

6. Friend, guide and follow but do not stalk:

It’s important to set healthy boundaries even for yourselves as parents. You can guide your children, enable and help them but be sure to stay away from ‘stalking’ which creates a sense of distrust and resentment among kids. Create boundaries for yourself and stick to them.

7.Explore, share and celebrate:

All in all, have fun, learn and grow on the web. The web offers enormous potential for learning and make sure to enjoy its benefits amidst enforcing good digital discipline.

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