The Gritty Little Lamb


Written by: Dan Allbaugh Illustrated by: Anil Yap

What a great book with powerful messaging through brilliant rhyming word play. All kids love to win just like Lambie. It is a typical scenario in every toddler household. Let’s face it – it IS hard to lose. Lambie is so used to winning by hook or by crook that when he loses to his dad, he’s not ready to accept his defeat. That’s when his parents teach him valuable life lessons on how to deal with failure and disappointments. When life throws curve balls at us, the choice is ours to make – whether we persist and push through OR give up. Lambie then practices everyday which slowly helps him get better, more confident and make progress along the way.

It is a book about the power of resilience and perseverance. You practice everyday and learn what you don’t know with a positive growth mindset.

This book can help us raise children who are believers in making the impossible possible, simply by adding ‘yet’ to ‘I can’t do it’.

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Anything I Dream


Written by: Ali Jensen Illustrated by: David Regone

This is one of our favorites from the super talented Ali Jensen at Knows No Bounds Books & Co. This picture board book makes such a great gift for a baby shower. With its cute illustrations and powerful message in bite sized rhyming sentences, it is a great book for infants and toddlers alike. It is a book about being who you wish to be and celebrating the fact that all jobs are important. It is to teach little children that they are free to be themselves and to follow their dreams.

Often times without realizing we subliminally put pressure on our kids associating prestige with and giving precedence to some professions as more noble than others. This book reminds us as parents to encourage our kids to be whoever they wish to be and find power in the profession they are passionate about. All jobs are important and we are all dependent on each other for survival, progress and growth. Together let’s raise a generation of children who are not shy of being  themselves and pursuing their dreams and passions.

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