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This Book is your Friend

Written by: Misty Black
illustrated by: Gabby Correia

“This Book is your friend” is a children’s rhyming book that playfully ignites a love for reading in young hearts. It is a celebration of the magic, wonder, and sheer joy of reading. An enchanting literary voyage, each page in this book is a delightful surprise, with vibrant and endearing illustrations that perfectly complement the whimsical verses. As children turn the pages, they are met with a sense of adventure, exploration and discovery.

The author's play of rhythm and rhyme is enthralling, making it a joy to read aloud to little children. The playful cadence of the text not only captures a child's attention but also engages their minds in the joy of language. The poetic beauty of the book sparks curiosity and inspires imagination in little kids, encouraging them to dream big and aspire to do the impossible and daring like “travel the world on their magical kite or come face to face with a hammerhead shark.”

This book is a great companion for bedtime reading, fostering a love for books and storytelling. It is an ideal gift for young readers - an invitation to embark on a delightful adventure, inspiring children to develop a lifelong passion for books. 

In an age where screens often dominate children's attention, this book is a refreshing reminder of the enchantment and joy that can be found in the world of literature. It is a beautiful reminder that books are not just ink and paper; they are portals to imagination, knowledge, and adventure. It's a world where books are not just objects, but dear friends and gateways to boundless adventures. 

We at Snuggly Apps believe that books are indeed our best friends and an invaluable cornerstone of childhood development - acting as powerful instruments that unlock the boundless potential of young minds. In essence, a love for reading not only enriches a child's life but also equips them with skills, perspectives, and values that will benefit them throughout their lifetime. It is a gift that keeps on giving, nurturing a lifelong relationship with knowledge, imagination, and self-discovery.

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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: Mar 17, 2024

The Power in Me


Written by: Meaghan Axel
Illustrated by: Michelle Simpson 

Love this book’s rhyming prose and charmingly whimsical illustrations that together deliver such a great message to little kids about learning to identify, appreciate, revere and celebrate the power that lies within them. The power of taking control of their bodies by means of patterned breathing exercises and by aligning themselves to their inner feelings and emotions.


Such a great book that wonderfully conveys incredibly powerful messaging about mindfulness and conscious rhythmic breathing. Kids will learn immensely about attuning and synchronizing themselves to their emotions, listening to and training their bodies to regain control when things spiral into disarray and a state of mental mayhem and chaos.

We at Snuggly Apps believe in empowering our kids to recognize and acknowledge their feelings and to learn to confront and manage their emotions instead of running away from them. Such a level of awareness and connection to our inner selves is critical for social emotional learning associated with high levels of emotional intelligence – a highly valuable and crucial skill in the world we live in. 

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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: Sept 13, 2021


The Power in Words


Written by: Meaghan Axel
Illustrated by: Michelle Simpson 

Words have incredible power. It’s what we say and how we say it that can make or break someone. Our words have unimaginable impact on others and using them wisely is a choice we have presented to us in different situations everyday. It’s such a crucial life skill that can not be emphasized enough. We as humans struggle with our choice of words everyday and it’s something we must teach our kids to learn and control early on.


This book is such a great conversation starter and will spark interesting and intriguing dialogue with your child about the different ways in which words can shape situations. We love how this book treats this subject matter in an incredibly kid friendly yet profound manner for children to grasp and internalize for years to come. The lifelong lessons inherent in every scenario presented in this book will have your child thinking deep on this topic and will plant a seed of awareness and mindfulness over their use of language and words to communicate effectively and positively and to spread good rather than hurt.


We at Snuggly Apps believe that books can be a great starting point to introduce your children to important topics that can change the way they think and perceive the world. Books like these make children more conscientious, self aware and emotionally intelligent adults by providing them with the right tools to regulate and manage their big feelings and emotions. 


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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: Sept 03, 2021




Written by: Patricia Carter-Hayes
Illustrated by: Uliana Barabash
Published by: Nightlite Publishing

This is such a sweet book about a little girl named Akilah who loves to play but finds that everyone in the family is always busy and that the fun she has with her toys doesn’t last very long. This sweet girl then has an idea to offer to help everyone to get them to notice her and acknowledge her presence. Doing something thoughtful or others goes a long way in touching their hearts and in spreading the magic of love and happiness.

Such a charming book that playfully but profoundly tugs on our heart strings making us realize that we get so caught up in life that we don’t pause to notice and appreciate the little things that make the most impact. Akilah’s gestures are a reminder that our children notice and observe deeply and they yearn to make a connection and bond with us as it is these playful interactions that linger in their memories and make them feel safe, secure and loved.

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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: Aug 27, 2021

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Written by: Michele D. Pollak
Illustrated by: Nidhom
Published by: Mascot Books

This book is sure to tug your heart as a mother. Dana is a speech therapist who teaches little kids how to talk. One day she finds out that their family is growing by two feet and it is then that she finds herself morph into a superhero with dozens of tentacles to juggle all that a mother has to do in a day. This book is such a sweet tribute to all the mommies out there who work so hard to keep all balls in the air, to make sure they check everything off the list at home and at work. Women have so much pressure to please and to perform and most of the time we find ourselves bending over backwards trying to juggle everything that is hurled our way as wives and mothers.

Love the utterly descriptive day to day scenarios that mommies are confronted with, illustrated so endearingly in this book. You will find yourself nodding to every word cheering for Dana and yourselves through every page. Your little ones are sure to shower you with hugs and kisses as they take a book trip through the daily feats/accomplishments of the superhero they call mommy. This book will make them see you in a different lens/light and they will come to learn the workings of the super duper mommy brain and appreciate in their tiny hearts how mommies get such hard things done around the house so seemingly effortlessly.

We at Snuggly Apps would like to appreciate, laud and cheer on all the Octo-mommies out there who are striving and struggling to do the best they can each day. Here’s to each one of you – You are enough and you deserve to be celebrated each day! 

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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: Aug 27, 2021

Peter the Picky Polar Bear


Written by: Kieshia Chun
Illustrated by: Charlotte Watkins

Got any picky eaters in the house. Anyone, anyone, no one?! I doubt that’s a no one. All of us know at least one picky eater in our circles. This one’s for you! Such a cute story about Peter the fuzzy polar bear who unlike other polar bear does NOT like fish! How outrageous and unusual, everyone thinks! But he knows that he won’t eat fish no matter what because Peter kind of polar bears don’t eat fish. When his friend the Penguin asks him if he’s ever tried eating fish, Peter pauses for a moment and realizes it wont hurt to try it. So he smells it and prods it just like any toddler we know who is sensory with food and need all 5 senses to approve what goes into the mouth. Kids are sure going to enjoy this book so much as they see a little bit of their own eating habits in Peter’s food aversions and dietary reservations.


We at Snuggly Apps believe that children are very sensitive to textures as they are trying to navigate tactile and sensory stimulation. Thus, compared to adults, children  generally may appear more “squeamish” about the way food looks, tastes and feels as they are more observant/mindful/conscious to the physical attributes of food. What is important is to give them the tools to get comfortable with different types of food over time. It’s okay to not want to eat everything. What is important is to teach them to be open to trying new foods with different tastes and textures. And this book does exactly that *insert emoticon*


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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: Aug 26, 2021


Leo the Lion Lost his Roar

Written by: Miss Jade Millington

This is such a cute book to teach our little ones about friendship, compassion and empathy for others. It can be challenging teaching them to think outside of their needs and wants and this book is so great to kick off such conversations.


The story is about a lion who is struggling to find his roar and is immersed in self doubt and low self confidence thinking he will never have the roar of a king of the jungle. He then seeks help from his newfound  jungle friends who are all eager and keen to help him. They all search everywhere to find his roar making more friends along the way join them in their mission. It is not until the gang is met with a thunderstorm which scares all the animals making lion step up to protect his friends. It is then that lion takes up the responsibility of making his friends feel safe and secure which sets the stage for his roar to manifest itself in its full glory removing all his doubts and reassuring his friends.


Children learn that lion becomes responsible, brave and courageous as a result of being in the storm which really teaches them that we all have our individual powers, they just surface and manifest at the right moment when the time is right. We at Snuggly Apps wish to spread the message of encouraging our kids  that in life, difficult and challenging times can present opportunity by making us stretch ourselves and grow sometimes beyond our perceived capabilities and this book teaches our kids just that and more with its super cute animal story with the most charming and adorable illustrations.


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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: Aug 25, 2021

Buckle Up


Written by: Stephanie Scott
Illustrated by: Olga Barinova

This book is pure genius. The theme, the story line, the brilliantly powerful messaging and endearingly uplifting illustrations are sure to capture and retain your little one’s attention. The book is centered around your child braced behind the driver’s seat in a car metaphorically navigating their way through life meandering through road blocks and speed bumps. With messages of “Looking ahead, safety first, taking mental breaks, being patient, being present and mindful, being considerate, staying calm, giving and taking personal space, taking slow, deep and long breaths and staying positive” interspersed throughout, this book is incredibly profound, packed with social emotional learning and child behavioral support. It is reassuring, resourceful, educational and yet so fun and recreational with its use of the car and traffic metaphor helping kids navigate through life’s stormy and chaotic tracks.


Your little ones are sure to learn about steering through life while recognizing that it is okay to feel overwhelmed and to break down. But what is crucial is to brave through the frenzied topsy turvy ride for that light at the end of the tunnel- the double rainbow that awaits marking the end of the storm. We at Snuggly Apps strongly believe in the power of child behavioral development tools to help our littles identify and manage big emotions. We need to empower our kids early on to take control of their emotions and listen to their inner voices, tuning themselves to their emotional, social and psychological needs. Together, let’s raise emotionally aware children who are better poised to become emotionally intelligent adults which is a pivotal life skill in today’s fast paced digitally dominated, mechanized and heavily virtual world.


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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: Aug 25, 2021

I'm A MESSterpiece


Written by: Lauren Eresman
Illustrated by: Asya Kaznacheeva
Published by: Sweet B Press

Such an excellently penned, brilliantly conveyed and charmingly illustrated book by our ardent girl empowerment advocate and enthusiast Lauren Eresman.


The story is about a little girl who feels that things are spiraling out of control and nothing seems to be going the right way for her. She is devastated and on the brink of giving up, be it ballet rehearsals, math class, artwork or a soccer game – she finds herself failing at everything. Each time she stumbles, her mentors offer to help, building her confidence and encouraging every little step and stride she makes in the right direction.


Little girls can see themselves in this book as they struggle to build self confidence and learn about big things like self worth and self esteem. We all fall prey to self doubt and questioning our abilities, but it is so important to recognize that the fun is in the learning process. Things can get messy as we stretch and grow but it is all a vital part of the learning trajectory and we need to stop and appreciate the perfection that lies in the imperfections along the way.


We at Snuggly Apps believe in empowering our kids to be a better version of themselves each day without the pressure of being perfect each time. To enjoy the learning process more than the final outcome and to fully embrace themselves with all their heart because we deserve to love ourselves first before we can love others. And this book achieves that and so much more with its profound message contained behind its vivacious and whimsical illustrations. 


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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: Aug 24, 2021

The Cool Bean

Anchor: The_Cool_Bean

By: Jory John and Pete Oswald
Published by: HarperCollins Publishers

This book needs no introduction as we all would agree. It is a real life enactment of the cool beans phrase that we all so casually use in our day to day lives - cool beans indicating approval and delight from others. This book is about a cute little chick pea bean with a bow tie and spiky hair who is left wondering about the distance that has been created between his ex-pod mates who he thinks have moved on and become too cool for him. He is left speculating why they deserted him and doubts himself questioning his ’coolness’ everyday. Now isn’t that something we can all relate to?! So he secretly drools over their cool accessories and the way they ‘swagger’ wondering how to fit in and somehow get them to notice him again. He is incredibly self-conscious and tries to change himself, even the way he walks but just gives up thinking he can never be quite like them.


Just when he starts resenting himself and his individuality for not being like them, something unexpected and miraculous happens. The cool beans offer him a helping hand when he finds himself in a pickle. They smile at him and help him back up when he falls on his feet. THAT’S IT! That’s the moment of realization for him that kindness is akin to coolness. It’s the little gestures, the thoughtfulness and helpfulness that make you cool. It’s about caring for others and being there for them when they could use an extra set of hands and ears.


Absolutely love this book and the beautifully messaging inherent in it. We find ourselves struggling to fit in and be cool all through school, college and even our work lives. Little do we realize that coolness isn’t something to be worn – it’s something to carry within you. Let’s all aspire to be cool like these cooool beans.


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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: July 27, 2021

Anchor: Mishi_Mashi_England

Mishi and Mashi go to England

Written by: Mary George
Illustrated by: Lisa Sacchi
Published by: MNG Publishing

Part of the super adventurous “Mishi and Mashi Visit Europe Series”, this is such a fun book for kids to experience traveling to Britain’s largest and most magnificent metropolis – London. Featuring London’s famous historical landmarks of Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, Big Ben the book is such a fun and engaging read for your littles as they follow Mishi Mashi trot around the city going to funfairs, hopping on carnival rides and making friends along the way immersing themselves in London’s food culture and perpetual rainy weather.


We at Snuggly Apps believe that experiencing new countries and cultures in person or online can have tremendous benefits on broadening your children’s horizons and teaching them to accept and embrace differences among people and places. This book is a great tale of adventure and exploration which will have your heart yearn to experience the magic of global travel.


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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: July 08, 2021

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 6.31.31 PM.png
Anchor: The Cherry on Top

The Cherry on Top

Written by: Lauren Eresman
Illustrated by: Serineh Eliasian
Published by: Sweet B Press

This is such an endearing and delightfully told story of two cherries Molly and Polly that have been attached together at their stems since they were seedlings. They are both very different from each other with very dichotomous and opposite personalities. They are very dissimilar but have one thing in common – they both have the same goal to be the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae but for different reasons. When they both get to the top of their dream sundae, they miss each other’s companionship and realize the other’s worth. That’s when they come back together and make a new arrangement of staying together to do the things they both cherish and be apart when needed, to do different things.


The book wonderfully teaches kids some incredible lessons on love and friendship - about giving each other personal space and growing in different directions. You can want and love different things from life but still come together at the end of the day. Young readers are taught that they can be who they wish to be and carve their own paths, pursuing their passions without judgment from loved ones. Love remains even if you don’t agree all the time. 


‘The Cherry on Top” is playfully imaginative yet heavily laden with brilliant and powerful messaging for kids. Its creative storytelling and charming illustrations will tickle your child’s imagination and their sweet tooth for sure each time! 


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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: May 05, 2021


Everyday Superheroes

Anchor : Everyday_superheroes

Written by: Erin Twamley and Joshua Sneideman.
Published by: Wise Ink Creative Publishing

This book is an encyclopedia of super STEM women around the world, defying limits and scaling new heights each day with their incredible work and contributions. They are the women that are striving to make the world a better place working hard to make our communities "safer, cleaner and healthier every day”.


Endearingly alphabetized from A to Z, this power pack of a book profiles the careers and superpowers of our Everyday STEM superheroes. It defines the 6 STEM superpowers of observation, imagination and curiosity, problem solving, collaboration, data collection, analysis and communication. With the most charming character illustrations of these astoundingly incredible women, this book is a keeper for your littles as they grow to discover and identify their own unique interests, strengths and passions.   


We at Snuggly Apps believe in empowering and uplifting our kids to recognize their unique strengths and potentials, stretching their abilities to become the best versions of themselves. This book about astounding and inspiring female trail blazers deserves a place on every library, classroom and home bookshelf for it is enlightening and truly inspirational for not just our little ones but for us as parents and for our families just as well. 

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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: April 28, 2021

Anchor : Safe_in_starry_arms

Safe in Starry Arms

Written by: Christie Lea
Art by: Di

This book is about facing your fears head on and confronting the chaos that resides in our minds, holding our bodies hostage to our morbid thoughts. Anxiety, fear of the unknown and bottomless sadness keep so many of us up at night. Kids are no different. This book touches this topic with utmost love and tender affection.


This book is about finding inner calm and appeasing the chaos that lives inside of us by connecting with nature and finding ourselves in it. The main character of the book, Nicholas embarks on a journey to search himself in the exquisite and dazzling beauty of nature that surrounds him. He finds a part of himself in the “water sitting in a glass with sun beams through it like a flash of lightning as it lunges from a cloud. Nic is the photon, carbon, and the sound”. The author’s lyrical prose and utterly descriptive and evocative language paired with graphic imagery and exquisite illustrations transport the reader to the world of Nic’s thoughts that pervade his mind at night.


The author’s literary genius is evident in her brilliant word play. With this book, we are made aware of the importance of mental health in children and we at Snuggly Apps are thrilled to be a part of this profoundly beautiful message to children to encourage them to tune into the deepest corners within themselves to find meaning in the turbulent thoughts and feelings inside of them. To encourage self awareness to eventually conquer their darkest thoughts and find purpose in their lives and their existence by seeing a part of themselves reflected in every thread and fabric of the nature that surrounds them. 


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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: April 28, 2021

Anchor : Oh The Way I Love You

On The Way I Love You

Written by: Hillary J. Lee

This is such a sweet and charming book that captures the essence of motherhood and the multifaceted, indescribable love of a mother for her children. With its beautiful rhyming prose and sing-along text paired with endearing and delightful illustrations, this book will make a great bedtime read for your little ones to make them feel secure and deeply loved.


Be ready for lots of hugs, kisses and snuggles from your little ones after reading this book. It conveys a mother’s love for her children in the simplest of ways by expressing it using analogies that kids can relate with “Oh, the Way I love you. It’s like Music to my soul” A mother’s love in its full magnificent glory, depth and strength is unparalleled and immeasurable like nothing else in the world and this book will make your little reader feel it to the core with its beautiful expression.


We at Snuggly Apps strongly believe that children should feel loved and verbalizing the strength of our connection and bond with them really helps make them feel more confident and secure which fosters the development of strong social emotional skills. This book achieves that and so much more..


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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: April 07, 2021


A Day To Stay Home

Anchor : A_Day_to_Stay_Home

Written by: Johanna Halley & Janae Seabloom
Illustrated by: Hannah Grace Smith
 Published by: Hannah Bloom Books

Such a fun imaginative book for your littles that lovingly reassures them that it’s okay to be home for a while. Encouraging them that it’s okay to seek adventure in the simplest of things inside the house. As much as our kids learn and grow from outdoor sensory experiences, it is just as important for them to workout the frontal cortex which is the hub of creativity and imagination for our little human beings. To raise creative and critical thinkers, we need to encourage more imaginative play in our homes so our kids can dream with their eyes open.


This is such a lovely book that emphasizes the importance of pretend play for kids. Pretend play is such a crucial part of growing up and is indispensable to their mental, social emotional and brain development. And this book does just that with its charmingly real life like illustrations. It is so comforting to read this book snuggled up with your littles subliminally telling them that on the days we can’t step out of the house, we still have options for fun and engaging indoor activities with lots of creativity and outside the box thinking. Such imaginative pretend play enriches young minds stretching the scope of their imaginations as they construct stories that flex their limbic systems and cognitive thinking.


Such a sweet book with its contextually relevant messaging in today’s pandemic stricken world. We at Snuggly Apps encourage pretend play for its enormous child behavioral benefits of teaching children to express themselves, consider other perspectives and foster dialogue, communication and linguistic development in their rapidly developing brains.


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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: March 23, 2021

Anchor : Luna Lucy & The Planets

Luna Lucy & The Planets

Written by: Lisa Van Der Wielen
Illustrated by: Joseph Hopkins

This book is a keeper for your planet loving littles. With its cheery and delightful rhyming text, it transports the reader into space stirring up lucid, dream like imagination. The illustrations are spectacular and with their scintillating and vivid appeal, they take the reader on an outer space exploration adventure. The text is laden with fun facts about the different planets that Luna travels to, all presented in a fun and engaging manner.


This book is such an adventure, taking the reader on an escapade with the vivacious character of Luna and her dog Neptune. Be prepared to have your kids ask you lots of intriguing galaxy related questions after reading this story.  Such a great way to incite children’s imaginations and further their interest in space missions and galaxy exploration. This book enthralls its audience with its fun text and dazzling illustrations that leave the reader enchanted. Stay tuned for a super fun story time of this book on Snuggly Apps Youtube Channel soon!


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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: March 10, 2021


The Big Adventures of a Little Tree

Anchor : The Big Adventures of a Little Tree

Written by: Nadja Springer
Illustrated by: Tilia Rand-Bell

This book, its powerful imagery, deep message of friendship, teamwork, love, compassion and connection to your roots is sure to warm your heart. Its vividly imaginative story with exquisite and charming illustrations evoke so much emotion within the reader. This adventure story is about a tree that wishes to wander and explore the world to meet new people. There’s merriment, friendship, love and laughter until winter falls and the tree has to return to his roots. This is where all the children come together, working hard as a team to restore the tree to his origins.


The book exudes warmth, delightful and joyous celebration that transcends the text to liven and light up the reader’s heart. We thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and it somehow managed to transport me to its fictitious world of fun and frolic that left my mind drifting to the friendships I have made journeying through life and how they have left a lasting impact on me to this day, making me into the person I am today.  


Tree finds beautiful friends along his journey carrying a deep message of the power of teamwork and the magic of friendship. Your littles are sure to cherish this one and want to read it many times over.

Click here to grab your copy today.


Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: Feb 24, 2021

Something Lost Something Found

Anchor : Something Lost Something Found

Written by: Natalia Paruzel-Gibson
Illustrated by: Laura Catrinella

Today I wish to dedicate a post to celebrating loved ones who are no longer amongst us. The ones whose love lingers in our hearts years after being separated from them. The warmth of love transcends space and time and this book I'm sharing today touches the tender topic of continuing to love them even after they are gone forever. People die but love doesn’t. Life changes but love doesn’t..


Our featured book this week is one that touches the heart and the raw feelings of someone grieving the loss of a loved one. This is such a soft, emotive story with heartwarming illustrations. The author takes the reader on a sentimental journey inside the heart and mind of a bereaving child. The character of Ella resonates with so many, tugging at our heart strings as all of us have experienced the gut wrenching numbness of having lost a loved one at some point in our lives. Ella tries hard to fill the gaping void in her heart as she misses her mom more with every passing day. The vivid descriptions transport the reader to Ella’s universe making them sympathize with her feeling her absymal emptiness along the way as she embarks on her quest to search for happiness again in the smallest and most innocent of things around her. But all in vain, Ella feels that her heart will never embrace happiness again and she aches to enliven herself only to find that happiness has been inside of her all along. She eventually finds comfort in the warmth of her mother’s memories that eventually lift her spirits and make her relive the cherished moments they shared with each other. These continue to warm, heal and comfort her heart by transporting her to the past and re-experience the traditions she shared with her mother and the fun times they had.


This book tells us it is okay to grieve and feel emptiness and that one can find comfort and healing in the cherished memories and blissful laughter shared with loved ones in the past. This book tells us there is hope after grief, sorrow and loss. The author uses enchanting story-telling to draw the reader into Ella’s journey as she emerges from her emotional odyssey with a healed heart able to feel the warmth of love and happiness again.


Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: Feb 14, 2021

Anchor : Good Night Little Astro

Good Night Little Astronaut

Written by: Dr. Intergalactic of Ad Astra Media
Illustrated by: Visoeale

This is such a great book for your zealous, impassioned and aspiring little space enthusiasts. It helps build freedom, independence, exploration and intellectual curiosity in young readers, sparking their passion for STEAM learning early on in life. It inspires life-long learning in children, introducing them to the magical and enchanting world of science, technology, math, art and engineering using simple delightful text and charming illustrations. This is an endearing bed time picture book that teaches kids that space exploration needs patience and perseverance calling this field of study “the slowest race”. The book serves as a gateway to coax kids to start asking questions about space travel and exploration to train their minds early on. Children’s minds are constantly soaking up and learning from their external experiences and this book is a great way to start those conversations to stimulate their little minds to think beyond limits and social constructs.


The man behind this book, Dr. Intergalactic is pure genius. Dr Jose Morey of Ad Astra Media is “considered the first Intergalactic Doctor, a leader in exponential technology innovation and excels at leading multidisciplinary teams that sit at the epicenter of biotechnology, AI and aerospace.”


Dr. Morey founded Ad Astra Media in his relentless quest to “renew a faith in facts and reason and uplift underserved and minority communities by providing them with scientific role models in science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) to which they can aspire.” Dr. Morey’s team is changing the world and little minds one book at a time. They are helping little ones grow and nurture their passion for learning. They have recognized that it is crucial to teach our kids early on about the value and power of hard work, determination and persistence as their young malleable minds are inordinately receptive to media exposure and experiences.

Learn more about Ad Astra Media at

This wonderful book is available in both English and Spanish and can be purchased here


Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: Feb 10, 2021

Whoever Heard of a Flying Bird

Anchor: Whoever Heard of a Flying Bird

Written by: David Cunliffe 
Illustrated by: Ivan Barrera

This book is about a bird named Pip who lives a relaxed life on an island with her flock that happily eats old, overripe fruit off the ground. Pip however, is not willing to settle and has an urge to strive for more. Unlike her flock who don’t believe their type can fly off the ground, Pip is bent on getting a taste of the fruit tantalizingly perched up on the trees. Undeterred by failure and unscathed by the torrent of scornful mockery that is hurled at her by her complacent flock, Pip continues to try harder, each time more tenacious than before.


Pip is an epitome of determination, grit and courage who stays focused on her goals and fulfilling her dreams despite her flock’s derogatory remarks. Her character and fears are so humanlike and relatable as she at one point has a glimmer of self-doubt and questions her persistence and diligence. But she quickly shakes it off, not letting the disparaging voices crowd her mind or deflect her from her chosen task and mission. With beautifully rhyming prose and vibrantly scintillating illustrations, this book is a real gem that is sure to bedazzle all readers. 


Click here to purchase this book.

Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: Feb 03, 2021


Susie and the Dandelions

Anchor : Susie and the Denalions

Written by: Ana Cybela 
Illustrated by: Anastasia Khmelevska

This is a touching story, written out of love and consideration of the big feelings and emotions of children from separated families. It is the story of a beautiful little girl named Susie who has to travel between her parents’ homes as they don’t live together anymore. She shares her big feelings about how she loves having two sets of everything but is also heartbroken about her parents’ differences. Susie then embarks on an enthralling imagination ride on a dandelion with a mission to make her dad love these flowers just like she does. The vivid yet dreamlike illustrations serve to transport the reader to Susie’s world that is filled with exquisitely enchanting dandelions interspersed through the book.


The book uses the analogy of dandelions powerfully yet so charmingly to explain how families that don’t live together still love each other; like the seeds of a dandelion flower leave the clock, flying off to distant lands. The seeds may seem apart but they are always connected to the dial of their parent flower and with the warmth of nurture, love and laughter, the seeds blossom into new dandelions. The author is delightfully captivating with her linguistic lacework while delivering a profound message to little readers. 


This book is literary genius and deserves a place in every home just to teach kids that together or not, families always stick together by the invisible bond of love, kinship and association that is unscathed by physical barriers and distances. As the author puts it beautifully, “life changes but love doesn’t..” 


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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: Jan 27, 2021

The Gritty Little Lamb

Anchor : The Gritty Little Lamb

Written by: Dan Allbaugh
Illustrated by: Anil Yap

What a great book with powerful messaging through brilliant rhyming word play. All kids love to win just like Lambie. It is a typical scenario in every toddler household. Let’s face it – it IS hard to lose. Lambie is so used to winning by hook or by crook that when he loses to his dad, he’s not ready to accept his defeat. That’s when his parents teach him valuable life lessons on how to deal with failure and disappointments. When life throws curve balls at us, the choice is ours to make – whether we persist and push through OR give up. Lambie then practices everyday which slowly helps him get better, more confident and make progress along the way.

It is a book about the power of resilience and perseverance. You practice everyday and learn what you don’t know with a positive growth mindset.

This book can help us raise children who are believers in making the impossible possible, simply by adding ‘yet’ to ‘I can’t do it’.

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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: Jan 20, 2021

Anything I Dream

Anchor: Anything I Dream

Written by: Ali Jensen 
Illustrated by: David Regone

This is one of our favorites from the super talented Ali Jensen at Knows No Bounds Books & Co. This picture board book makes such a great gift for a baby shower. With its cute illustrations and powerful message in bite sized rhyming sentences, it is a great book for infants and toddlers alike. It is a book about being who you wish to be and celebrating the fact that all jobs are important. It is to teach little children that they are free to be themselves and to follow their dreams.

Often times without realizing we subliminally put pressure on our kids associating prestige with and giving precedence to some professions as more noble than others. This book reminds us as parents to encourage our kids to be whoever they wish to be and find power in the profession they are passionate about. All jobs are important and we are all dependent on each other for survival, progress and growth. Together let’s raise a generation of children who are not shy of being  themselves and pursuing their dreams and passions.

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Reviewed by Sarah Waseem (CEO and Founder Snuggly Apps)

Published: Jan 13, 2021

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